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CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment

CO2 fractional laser treatment is one of the most popular and can be considered the most effective for treating fine lines & wrinkles, acne scarring, pigmentation and significantly improving overall skin texture. CO2 fractional laser is one of the latest technologies used to perform the laser skin resurfacing treatment.

Treatment Overview
Number of treatments


Treatment time

30 mins - 1 hour

Recovery time

At least 3 days

Maximum results

3-6 months


1 session £250
5 sessions $1750 ($350 per session)

Disclaimer: We are all unique. This means that treatment plans, the results, down time and recovery following treatment will vary from patient to patient. The information presented on this website should be used as a guide only.

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CO2 Fractional Laser Info

CO2 fractional laser can address a variety of issues that are related to ageing and skin damage, including:

This treatment can restore brightness, evenness and elasticity to the skin. There are different types of skin rejuvenating procedures that fall under the category of resurfacing treatments. This procedure is a thermal process that involves heating the moisture in your skin with a laser.

During the process, a laser is aimed at the skin using a handheld device. This removes fine columns of skin in layers. Some skin around each column is left intact which can assist with healing. The laser exfoliation can remove fine lines and wrinkles. Combined with the heat from the laser, this action may trigger the skin to produce new skin cells. Those cells fill in your skin’s surface, and can improve the skin’s texture, tone and appearance.

The heat that is produced by the laser impacts the deeper layers of skin too. It can trigger collagen production, which heals the controlled damage that the laser causes. As the collagen fibers bind together, your skin can become tighter and firmer.

More Details About the Procedure

CO2 fractional laser is commonly used to improve the appearance of skin on the face, neck, chest and hands. Because it can tighten skin, it can also shrink large pores.

The number of procedures that you’ll need and length of downtime post treatment depends on the condition that you’re treating. Shallow acne scars, pigmentation & uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles may require at least 3 days downtime, while deep acne scarring can require at least 10 days downtime. After the treatment, patients should expect their face to be somewhat irritated.

Treatment is available at the following locations:

Greater London

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LED with every CO2 fractional laser treatment

Complimentary LED valued at $79 with every laser treatment. Hair and Skin Science uses the newest LED technology that is TGA approved from Korea, USA and China.

LED can help reduce the controlled inflammation caused by laser skin resurfacing. The red light may accelerate the healing process and can stimulate the production of collagen. More collagen production can result in more vibrant and youthful skin.

Before and Afters

Results may vary from person to person

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Yes, CO2 fractional laser is safe when it’s performed by a trained professional. At Hair and Skin Science, we minimise risks such as infection, abnormal healing, scarring or burns by ensuring all our doctors, nurses and therapists have undergone thorough training on the CO2 fractional laser.
This treatment is usually not recommended for people who have very darkly pigmented skin, recently previous chemical peels or dermabrasion or certain medical conditions.
Your skin needs time to heal, and you may notice significant results within one month. The majority of people who get this treatment can see a 50 to 80 percent improvement in their skin.

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