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PRF for Stretch Marks

PRF skin needling for stretch marks is the latest effective treatment offered at Hair and Skin Science. It builds on the very popular PRP treatments and improves on them in some fundamental ways.

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The treatment is well known for its ability to tackle problem areas of the skin using a 100% natural process. No surgery, no medications, no chemicals and no recovery time!

PRF, platelet rich fibrin, is an evolution of PRP treatments. PRF uses an improved process that retains more fibrin, white blood cells, more stem cells and more platelets that we can use to tackle problem areas.

That’s a huge boost in healing potential!

Treatment Overview
Number of treatments

4 (two PRF tubes are used per treatment)

Treatment time

1 Hour

Recovery time

Up to 4 hours

Maximum results

Up to 1 year


1 session £250
4 sessions £900 (£225 each)

Disclaimer: We are all unique. This means that treatment plans, the results, down time and recovery following treatment will vary from patient to patient. The information presented on this website should be used as a guide only.

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You’re in good hands with the experienced medical team at Hair & Skin Science. Here is a handful of reasons as to why so many Britishs choose us as their trusted clinic:
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PRF Injections for Stretch Marks

PRF injections for stretch marks use a special microneedler to apply the solution, so it isn’t anything like a normal injection. It uses tiny needles that can cause very little discomfort, so the treatment is quick and painless.

We believe PRF treatments are completely safe as they use your own blood as the treatment. That means no chance of rejection, no need for medications, no chemical fillers and no surgical procedures.

Just some of the many reasons PRF for stretch marks is so popular!

PRF injections for stretch marks is one of many PRF treatments offered by Hair & Skin Science.

We can use PRF treatments to address:

Hair and Skin Science is a leader in PRF treatments in the UK. Our doctors and registered nurses continually train and refine our procedures to deliver maximum value with minimal discomfort.

All treatments are undertaken in discreet, comfortable clinics. Each location is modern and located within urban areas in popular parts of UK.

We have clinics in London.

How do PRF Treatments for Stretch Marks Work?

One of the many benefits of PRF treatments is how simple it is. The process has a couple of straightforward stages, performed by registered nurses.

Your PRF appointment will last around 45 minutes. Once you’re comfortable, we’ll take a small amount of blood, like a blood test.

We run the blood through a special medical centrifuge to separate the plasma from the red blood cells and create the PRF solutions.

We apply the solution to the affected area using a microneedler device and then apply a red or yellow LED light to minimise the chances of redness, infection and accelerate healing..

Once complete, you’re free to go about your day, with little or no signs you had anything done!

The treatment uses the massive healing potential contained within your own blood. The PRF solution includes growth factors, fibrin, stem cells, white blood cells and platelets. All the elements your own body uses to heal.

We concentrate all those into a 100% natural solution. We add nothing and we do nothing to it aside from separate the blood into constituent parts.

The mixture can help stimulate healing and the generation of collagen and elastin, two essential ingredients in firmer, younger looking skin. They can help treat scars too as well as stretch marks.

What You Need to Know About PRF Injections for Stretch Marks

PRF injections for stretch marks is a safe, 100% natural treatment for a number of common skin conditions, including stretch marks.

Hair and Skin Science are national leaders in PRF treatments and other cosmetic procedures. We pride ourselves on delivering safe, affordable treatments to men and women.

PRF treatments require no surgery, no invasive procedures, no chemicals and no medications. We use the huge healing potential of your own blood with nothing added.

The process is fast, painless and can deliver definite, long-lasting results!

If you are currently taking any medication or are undergoing any treatment that affects the blood in any way, take professional medical advice before undergoing treatment.

After your treatment, we would recommend minimising exposing the treated area to direct sunlight for a couple of days. We also recommend the use of the post care skin products to accelerate healing and maximise results.

We can provide full aftercare details and advice at your appointment if required.

It is very rare for anyone to experience discomfort after a PRF treatment, but it is possible. If you experience a tingling sensation at the treatment site or see redness, there is nothing to worry about. It should pass within a couple of hours with no intervention.

Treatment is available at the following locations:

Greater London

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PRF for Stretch Marks FAQs

Yes, we strongly believe PRF injections for stretch marks are effective. Hair and Skin Science has performed over 100,000 treatments in the UK so far. The vast majority of them have worked very well.

Everyone is different so there are no guarantees. But in the vast majority of cases, we have definitely seen positive results.
You should begin noticing an improvement around 4-6 weeks after your first PRF treatment. Everyone reacts in a different way, but on average, our clients begin noticing positive changes within that timeframe.

PRF treatments are cumulative, so will build up over time. We usually provide a series of treatments to maximise the potential and deliver the results we’re looking for.
PRF for stretch marks is popular because it’s 100% natural and non-invasive. It uses your own blood platelets, white blood cells, stem cells and fibrin to stimulate healing. There’s no surgery required, no medication and no chemicals used.

Plus, appointments last just 45 minutes and should result in little discomfort or and minimal signs of having done anything. Those are just some of the reasons why it’s so popular!
Both men and women in good health can undergo PRF treatments for stretch marks. As long as you’re not taking medication or undergoing any treatment that affects the blood, you should be fine. During your free consultation you will fill out a form that includes your medical history, we’ll be sure to contact our medical doctor if there is potential concerns regarding your medical history.

If you’re currently suffering from hepatitis C, AIDS, HIV, any bloodborne cancer or infection, cardiovascular disease or skin cancer around the areas you want to treat, you may not be able to undergo PRF treatment. Check with your physician or discuss your situation with us beforehand. We’ll be happy to help.

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