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IV Biotin Booster for Hair Health

Hair and Skin Science is offering intramuscular (IM) boosters for hair health to clients across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western UK.

IM boosters for hair include biotin, an essential ingredient in the manufacture of keratin, a key element of hair, skin and nails.

Biotin (vitamin B7) is essential for healthy skin and hair and new nail growth. It helps keep hair shiny and thick and helps hair elasticity.

All combine to help reduce shedding, thinning and other common hair conditions.

Treatment Overview
Number of treatments

1 to 10

Treatment time

5 minutes

Recovery time


Maximum results

Ongoing treatment to ensure vitamin levels are optimal


1 treatment £49
5 treatments £225 (£45 per session)
10 treatments £400 (£40 per session)

Disclaimer: We are all unique. This means that treatment plans, the results, down time and recovery following treatment will vary from patient to patient. The information presented on this website should be used as a guide only.

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How do IM boosters for hair work?

The IM booster shot for hair health works by injecting high quality biotin directly into the body to help promote healthier hair.

Biotin is an essential vitamin (B7) found in many foods. Unfortunately, some people cannot ingest enough biotin or don’t include biotin-rich foods in their diet to help maintain healthy hair, skin and nails.

Deficiency in biotin can decrease keratin levels, which can cause hair to thin, go lank and lifeless or fall out.

That’s where the IM booster for hair comes in.

It’s a concentrated solution of biotin that’s injected directly into the muscles. It delivers the essential vitamins your hair needs to stay looking healthy.

It’s quick, easy and painless and a great way to supplement your diet and keep your hair looking healthy.

Intramuscular treatments use injections to deliver special medical solutions directly into the muscles, this is done by either injecting the biotin directly.

Our IM biotin injections are prepared and formulated by an British leading pharmacist, designed to deliver everything your body needs to generate the keratin that helps keep hair, skin and nails healthy.

Your appointment will be fast, efficient and seamless. You’ll be welcomed into our modern, discreet clinic and made to feel comfortable before the IM booster shot for hair health is applied.

Once done, our team will clean the injection site and make sure you’re completely happy before you can go about your day.

It’s so simple and accessible, everyone should have it done!

An IM booster shot for hair health can address many common issues with hair related to low biotin levels.

Hair and Skin science also offer a range of effective PRP and PRF hair treatments that can be very effective at tackling more serious hair conditions.

Contact one of our team if you’re unsure of the cause of your condition and we can help.

What you need to know about IM boosters for hair

We believe IM boosters for hair can be very effective at treating thin or fragile hair, brittle hair, a loss of shine and shedding hair due to low biotin or keratin levels.

A biotin booster for hair health is a quick and easy way to boost keratin levels for those who don’t get enough from their daily diet.

Appointments are quick and painless. You can be in and out quickly, making them ideal for lunchtimes, before or after work or anytime you choose.

Like all cosmetic treatments, we’ll begin with a free consultation. We’ll discuss your goals, your overall health and any underlying conditions you may have.

We’ll also check your hair to see if biotin is the correct treatment to tackle your condition.

Once complete, we’ll create a personalised treatment plan that may include IM boosters for hair and perhaps complementing treatments to compound the effect.

A typical course of IM boosters for hair is 5-10 treatments spread several months. As we personalise each plan, we’ll schedule fewer or more depending on your circumstances.

At the appointment, we’ll make you comfortable, inject the IM booster into your arm then you’re ready to leave. The actual treatment time is only 1-2 minutes!

It’s a simple, seamless process where you’re looked after every step of the way.

You can combine IM for hair regrowth with PRP hair treatments or PRF hair treatments if you like. It’s something we can discuss with you at a consultation.

Treatment is available at the following locations:

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IM biotin booster for hair FAQs

An IM booster for hair is an intramuscular injection full of biotin that can help boost keratin levels in the skin and hair. Keratin is essential for healthy skin and hair and not everyone has enough of it in their diet. IM booster hosts for hair health are a quick way to deliver it directly into the body.
An IM booster for hair appointment is quick, easy and painless. We’ll make you comfortable, clean the injection site, apply the IM booster, clean the site again, make sure you’re comfortable and you can be on your way. It’s fast, easy and doesn’t take long at all.
How quickly you see an improvement in hair condition depends on your current condition, age, state of health and genetics. Typically, someone will see a thickening of the hair or more shine within 3-5 weeks. We can get into the specifics at your consultation.
How many biotin boosters for hair you will need depends on the current condition of your hair, any underlying health challenges and your overall state of wellbeing. Those that tend to heal fast will experience improvements faster while those that take longer to heal will need to be patient. On average, we tend to schedule 5 IM boosters and adjust from there.
Yes, IM biotin boosters for hair are perfectly safe to use. We have a very high confidence in the safety of these IM boosters for hair. The solution is specially formulated to be as pure and as natural as possible to avoid any negative outcomes.

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