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PRP Eye Rejuvenation Treatments for Dark Circles Under Eyes

Do you have dark circles under your eyes? Have eye bags or hollows under the eyes and nothing works? We can help!

Hair and Skin Science is your trusted skin clinic for advanced skincare solutions in the heart of London. We are delighted to introduce our latest innovation in non-surgical rejuvenation – Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Eye Rejuvenation Treatments.

Say goodbye to tired-looking eyes and embrace a brighter, more youthful gaze. Our skilled team of registered nurses at Hair and Skin Science understands the impact that dark circles under the eyes can have on your overall appearance and confidence.

With our PRP Eye Rejuvenation Treatments, we harness the power of your body’s own healing factors to reduce pigmentation and rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eyes. Experience the science of beauty at Hair and Skin Science, where radiant eyes are just a treatment away.

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Treatment Overview
Number of treatments

1 to 4

Treatment time

20 Minutes

Recovery time


Maximum results

Up to 1 year


1 session £125
4 sessions £400 (£100 per session)

Disclaimer: We are all unique. This means that treatment plans, the results, down time and recovery following treatment will vary from patient to patient. The information presented on this website should be used as a guide only.

Why choose us as your hair and skin clinic?

You’re in good hands with the experienced medical team at Hair & Skin Science. Here is a handful of reasons as to why so many Britishs choose us as their trusted clinic:
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Non-Invasive PRP Treatments for Under Eyes

Hair and Skin Science are PRP eye rejuvenation experts with clinics in London.

PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma treatments are a natural procedure that can help reduce the appearance of dark circles, eye bags and hollows under the eyes.

PRP treatments are well known for being an all-natural alternative to other cosmetic treatments and for providing tangible results without using fillers or chemicals.

PRP eye rejuvenation requires no surgery, no pharmaceuticals or recovery time, making them perfect for busy lives.

It’s minimally invasive and requires just an injection of your own blood plasma to help treat those dark circles, bags or hollows.

How PRP for Under Eyes Works

PRP eye treatments are natural and use a very straightforward process to deliver tangible results.

Appointments will take around 45 minutes within safe, comfortable surroundings in one of our clinics in London.

A typical PRP eye rejuvenation treatment begins with the drawing of a small amount of blood, like a blood test.

We prepare the blood by placing it inside a centrifuge and separating the three constituent parts of blood, plasma, red blood cells and platelet rich plasma.

We’re after blood plasma as it contains all the ingredients your body needs to regenerate and grow, including growth factors that help stimulate collagen and elastin.

We concentrate these growth factors into a solution which is then injected under the eyes.

Tiny PRP injections are ideal because it can inject the PRP solution directly into affected areas without leaving much of a mark.

You may see a slight redness under the eye for a brief time or feel tenderness but this passes quickly and is actually quite rare.

PRP eye rejuvenation is safe, uses your own blood as the treatment and requires no recovery time.

No filler, no chemicals, no pharmaceuticals, no visible signs of treatment and genuine, tangible results. No wonder it’s so popular!

PRP Eye Rejuvenation Treatments in London

Platelet Rich Plasma treatments are an exceptionally popular treatment for a wide range of issues.

We are all busier, with a lot more going on, more stress, less time for relaxation and for sleep. All this can wreak havoc on your skin, with the delicate skin under the eyes particularly susceptible.

The skin under the eyes is very thin and the shape of the skull around the eye means this area of the face can suffer more than elsewhere.

A mixture of lifestyle, skin tone and genetics can all play a part in creating darker areas that appear brown, blue or purple.

You can cover them with makeup, try dermal fillers or ignore them, but we believe PRP for under eyes is particularly effective.

Treatment is available at the following locations:

Greater London

PRP Skin Treatment

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Questions about PRP Eye Treatments

We think it is very likely you will see definite improvements in dark circles under your eyes. Everyone is different and reacts in different ways so we cannot offer guarantees.

What we can say is that the vast majority of clients who have undertaken PRP treatments have seen positive results.
PRP eye rejuvenation is a gradual process that needs to build up momentum before showing results. Again, everyone is different and will react differently but on average, clients begin seeing results within a few weeks.

Much depends on your overall health, lifestyle, age, genetics and many aspects beyond our control. That said, the vast majority of people we treat do see results.
The effects of PRP injections under eyes can last up to 18 months on average. This will obviously differ depending on age, health, state of wellbeing, lifestyle, stress levels, sleep quality and other influences, but that’s the average.

Top up appointments will help maintain the effects going forward so you won’t have to say goodbye to younger-looking eyes once you have them!
A PRP eye rejuvenation will last around 45 minutes. We’ll sit you down and draw a little blood, just like a blood test. We’ll separate that blood in a centrifuge to extract the plasma with its growth factors.

We safely discard what we don’t need and place the plasma/growth factors in a syringe. We’ll apply the plasma to the affected area and apply a yellow LED light to it to help healing.

You should feel no discomfort afterwards, but occasionally people feel slight tenderness. Some clients also see slight redness for an hour or two, but this quickly passes.
How much PRP eye rejuvenation you need depends on the situation and how well you respond to the treatment. We would discuss this with you during a consultation as it depends on factors such as the amount of darkness and your lifestyle.

Typically, PRP eye rejuvenation would require 2 to 4 treatments 8-12 weeks apart but we can schedule appointments whenever best suits your needs.
Yes, PRP injections under eyes are safe. We appreciate the eyes are a sensitive area and are vital to our wellbeing, which is why all procedures are undertaken by experienced, qualified staff.

The procedure itself is very safe. PRP is from your own blood and we add nothing to it. No chemicals or pharmaceuticals are used, so it’s your own blood used in a targeted way.
Most people over the age of 18 can have PRP eye rejuvenation treatments. As long as you’re not undergoing treatment for anything else and are no on certain medications, you should be able to take advantage of this amazing procedure.

During your free consultation you will fill a medical history form where we will use this to help assess your suitability.
There is minimal aftercare required after PRP for hands. As we aren’t using fillers, chemicals or invasive procedures, your body needs minimal recovery time. We would recommend avoiding strong sunlight, strenuous exercise, saunas, steam rooms and anything that causes your skin to glow or sweat for a few hours after treatment.

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