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PRP Neck & Decolletage Treatment

Hair and Skin Science is proud to offer PRP treatments for the neck and decolletage to men and women across UK. It’s an effective treatment that can be incredibly effective at reducing the visible signs of ageing.

The neck and decolletage, the upper chest, shoulders and back, are often overlooked by traditional beauty treatments. But, like your hands, they can show the signs of ageing and can be resistant to traditional anti-ageing treatments.

PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma, for the neck and decolletage is different. It uses the awesome healing potential of your own blood to tackle these problem areas, often with great results.

PRP is a highly regarded treatment for a range of conditions and is now being widely adopted to tackle the many signs of ageing.

Treatment Overview
Number of treatments

1 to 4

Treatment time

30 to 45 mins

Recovery time

2 to 5 days

Maximum results

2-3 months


1 treatment £175
4 treatments £625 (£156 per session)

Disclaimer: We are all unique. This means that treatment plans, the results, down time and recovery following treatment will vary from patient to patient. The information presented on this website should be used as a guide only.

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How does PRP for neck and decolletage work?

PRP for neck and decolletage works by targeting those areas with platelet rich plasma, the power behind PRP treatments.

The skin around the neck and decolletage is thin and often exposed to sunlight and can age faster than other areas. It can also be susceptible to wrinkles, fine lines, sunspots and other signs of age.

We use the healing power of your own blood to deliver a concentrated PRP solution directly to areas showing their age.

The result should be younger looking skin and fewer signs of ageing.

PRP, platelet rich plasma, is made from your own blood. We separate the blood into its constituent parts and collect the plasma for use as the PRP solution.

Blood plasma is full of growth factors our bodies use to heal. We concentrate that into a solution and inject it into the neck and decolletage using a special microneedler.

By delivering all that healing potential to problem areas of skin, we can help encourage skin cells to regenerate, more collagen and elastin to be produced and for your overall skin condition to improve.

PRP treatments are an effective way to tackle the many signs of ageing and our team has performed many, many thousands of these treatments with great success.

Your PRP neck and decolletage treatment

All PRP neck and decolletage treatments begin with a consultation with registered nurse.

We’ll assess your current state of health, age, condition of the neck and decolletage and discuss your options in full.

When you’re ready to begin your treatment, we’ll schedule you in for a course over a period of several weeks.

We’ll take a sample of blood, like a blood test and process it using a medical centrifuge to separate the blood plasma.

We’ll then prepare the solution for use and use a specialist microneedler device to apply it to the skin.

The process involves very little discomfort and will leave very little sign you had anything done.

Once your PRP neck and decolletage treatment is complete, we may apply a red LED light to the treated area to minimise the risk of infection and reduce any redness.

Then you’re free to go about your day and carry on as if nothing happened!

PRP neck and decolletage treatments take around 45 minutes per session and may leave little redness. Just one of the many reasons it’s so popular!

Before and after your PRP treatment

As well as being incredibly effective, this type of PRP treatment is also accessible, minimally invasive, requires no surgery, no medication and no recovery time.

The vast majority of people we treat, whether receiving PRP for neck, PRP for decolletage or both, show no signs of having anything done afterwards.

You can have your treatment in a lunch hour, before or after work or whenever you like and nobody would be any wiser. Until they noticed your younger looking skin of course!

As PRP neck and decolletage treatments are so straightforward, there is minimal preparation required. We may provide pre-care products to prepare your skin for treatment.

Turn up to your appointment and we’ll make sure you’re comfortable and ready to go.

We’ll create the PRP solution and apply it using our special microneedler device. Once done, we may apply that red LED, clean up the area and you can get on with your day.

After any PRP treatment, we recommend keeping the treated area out of the sun for a while. We’ll also provide post care instructions and post care products to help maximise your results.

There should be minimal side effects or after-effects but everyone is different. You may experience redness or slight bruising. The Hair and Skin Science team is here to help if you need us.

Treatment is available at the following locations:

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PRP neck and decolletage treatment FAQs

PRP neck and decolletage treatments use the healing power of your own skin to tackle problem areas like the neck, shoulders, upper chest and upper back. We use the amazing healing potential of your own blood to deliver growth factors directly to those areas to help encourage skin to rejuvenate and regenerate.
Some patients report seeing results within a week from their PRP treatment. The treatment itself is quick but the effect is cumulative. Just like healing, the body takes a while to gather resources and begin repairing or regenerating. PRP skin treatments are exactly the same. On average, it may take anywhere from 2-6 weeks before you begin seeing improvements.
The number of PRP treatments you need will depend on your age, health, skin condition and overall state of wellness. On average, we recommend 3-4 treatments over a few months but personalise every treatment to the individual. It’s something we can discuss more accurately once we meet.
Yes, PRP treatments are completely safe. Unlike many other cosmetic treatments, PRP doesn’t use chemicals or medication, doesn’t require surgery or any invasive procedure. It uses the healing power of your own blood as the treatment and is very effective as well as safe.
There can be minimal side effects to PRP neck and decolletage treatment. You may experience redness or light bruising on the site of treatment. Everyone is different of course, but as the treatment uses your own blood, there is very little risk of rejection or of side effects. We can discuss any concerns with you at your consultation.

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