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PRP for Acne Scars

PRP treatments for acne scars are one of the most satisfying treatments we offer here at Hair and Skin Science.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments are incredibly popular for treating a range of common conditions including acne scarring, wrinkles and fine lines, skin discolouration and the many signs of ageing.

As acne scars can have a genuinely detrimental effect on your quality of life and confidence, we are only too happy to help address them with this popular treatment.

How can Hair and Skin Science help?

Treatment Overview
Number of treatments

1 to 4

Treatment time

30 to 45 mins

Recovery time

2 to 5 days

Maximum results

2-3 months


1 treatment £175
4 treatments £625 (£156 per session)

Disclaimer: We are all unique. This means that treatment plans, the results, down time and recovery following treatment will vary from patient to patient. The information presented on this website should be used as a guide only.

Why choose us as your hair and skin clinic?

You’re in good hands with the experienced medical team at Hair & Skin Science. Here is a handful of reasons as to why so many Britishs choose us as their trusted clinic:
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PRP Injection for Acne Scars

PRP for acne scars uses a similar process to the PRP facial, or vampire facial. It uses the healing power of your own blood to deliver everything your skin needs to heal.

The treatment is thought to be very effective at treating acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines, sagging skin, discoloured skin and hyperpigmentation. It’s an exceptionally popular treatment!

Part of that popularity is how accessible it is. PRP for acne scars uses no surgery, no medication, is completely non-invasive and requires no recovery.

Appointments last around 45 minutes and you can be up, about and going about your day immediately afterwards!

How does PRP for Acne Scars Work?

PRP injections for acne scars uses a tried and tested procedure that utilises the healing power of your own blood to deliver growth factors directly to affected areas of the skin.

It works a little something like this:

We draw a small amount of blood, like a blood test. We process the blood to concentrate the parts we want, the blood plasma.

Blood plasma contains lots of healing potential and is the part of the blood your body uses for healing and regeneration.

Those growth factors are believed to help promote collagen and elastin growth, which both help the skin.

We concentrate that healing potential into a special solution and inject it into the affected area using a special microneedler.

Once complete, we can apply a red LED light into the skin to help promote healing, to help minimise the redness and inflammation.

After the red LED, there should be minor signs you had a treatment done and that’s usually slight redness.

This is great news, as you could have a PRP injection for acne scars in your lunch hour, before or after work and go about your day.

Before and after your PRP Treatment for Acne Scars

PRP injection for acne scars is a very minimal and non-invasive treatment. It requires no surgery, no medication, no chemicals and uses nothing except your own blood plasma.

If you are currently on any type of medication that affects the blood, let us know when booking your appointment so we can check everything is safe.

As a precaution we do not recommend PRP if you’re pregnant.

After your PRP injection for acne scars, you may feel a tingling sensation or the area may be sensitive. This is rare and passes quickly.

We recommend minimising exposure to sunlight and the use the products Hair and Skin Science provide to help recover your skin and begin the regeneration process.

We will provide full aftercare guidance at your appointment.

Treatment is available at the following locations:

Greater London

PRP Skin Treatment

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Before and Afters

Results may vary from person to person

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PRP for Acne Scar FAQs

A vampire facial is another name for the PRP facial, the procedure that’s almost identical to PRP for acne scars. It’s called vampire because it uses your own blood as the treatment.

That blood is rich in platelets that contain huge healing potential thanks to growth factors within them. It is this that’s the backbone of the PRP treatment and its success.
The vast majority of our 50,000+ happy clients firmly believe PRP for acne scars and PRP treatments in general work and have helped their acne scars. We have had great success with our treatments and regularly receive feedback from clients who see positive results.

Like most things in medicine, there are no guarantees. Everyone is different and your overall health and genetics have a huge influence over how successful a treatment is.
No, PRP eye rejuvenation is not painful. There may be a little discomfort afterwards but the entire procedure has been designed to be as non-invasive and as pain-free as possible.

Our registered nurses will do everything they can to make the procedure quick and painless.
From previous experience, it takes a few weeks to months to begin seeing noticeable improvements in your skin. Healing is a gradual process and it takes a while for your body to begin healing and regenerating.

Much will depend on your age, health, nutrition and how extensive the acne scarring is. Previous patients experienced results within 4-6 weeks of their first treatment, but everyone is different.
On average, our patients experience positive results for up to 18 months. Again, much will depend on your age, overall health and wellness, nutrition and extent of the scars.

We tailor every PRP treatment to the individual and will work with you to come up with a manageable program that delivers the results you want.
The vast majority of people treated at Hair & Skin Science can walk out the door with no visible signs of having undergone a treatment. Some clients may experience mild redness or sensitivity around the treated area, but there is usually very minimal recovery time required.

PRP for acne scars uses a microneedler designed for the skin. Our trained registered nurses will also provide the option of using the red LED to help accelerate healing and recovery before you leave.

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